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  Guangzhou Xiang Feng Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd is a professional engaged in precision hot air drying equipment business, including wind knife drying conveyor; hot air circulating tunnel furnace, precision hot oven; hot blast machine, industrial machine, hot air circulating hot air machine, hot air machine, hot air heater, electric fan, air blower, air knife, strong wind type air knife and bending type air knife, knife, knife, small circulating air jet, air knife, knife, ring, hot air circulating air knife; high pressure blower, vortex blower, high temperature fan; temperature control box, air filter, temperature resistant hose, air knife drying technology is a kind of international wide applications. Is a reasonable choice for cleaning and drying processing of all walks of life.

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Mobile: 13802846169
Contact person: Mr Hu
E-mail: 1272943228 @qq.com
Guangzhou reputation chau metal products co., LTD is a professional engaged in storage shelves and workshop equipment professional manufacturers, main: bedplate of storage shelves, attic, galvanized, stainless steel shelves, handling equipment, according to different customer needs, tailored we can various light, medium and heavy shelves and storage equipment, welcome to inquire!
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